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With a custom made use of e-commerce that fits the needs of your visitors, you are able to offer an unique and personal online experience with your brand. To do this, we set out the ideal strategy, determine the appropriate platform, design the interface and customise your webshop to its fullest.. We start by making some important choices: Clear product management, the user experience strategy and, if necessary, automations through your ERP or PIM system. We will help you to setup a scalable webshop for the future to work smoothly and efficiently.

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  •   >   UX/UI Design
  •   >   Automations
  •   >   Full stack Development
  •   >   End-to-end e-commerce
  •   >   Product configurators
  •   >   Mobile applications & PWA

Create an online experience for your customer

According to the digital presence of your organisation, we map every step of the customer journey and set up various automations. That means a quick service for your visitor and less work for you. As an end-to-end specialist, Disclose Agency supports you in this process which allows the organisation to grow step by step. A major project such as the deployment of e-commerce for your organisation is best handled with the right amount of expertise. Our team is specialised in UX & U design, (back office) automations, development and the online presence of your brand.

E-commerce services

01 E-commerce strategy

We map every step of your target group so that no opportunity will be missed. This results in a clear strategy that provides insight into the process your visitor goes through and where we should act with the right communication.

02 UX/UI Design

Based on the chosen strategy, the necessary research and a good dose of creativity, the design for the interface design is the next step. A good design is more than just a nice appearance. We optimize your webshop in every detail and for all devices to increase the conversion rate as much as possible. 

03 Automations

We prevent you from spending lots of time manually managing your stock, prices and content on your webshop. By applying automation you can focus on the important tasks and increase the speed at which your customers are served online.

04 Full stack Development

The development of your webshop not only includes developing the webshop, but also creating the complete digital infrastructure: in the frontend and in the backend. We set up the necessary automation and come up with solutions that fully meet the demand. 

05 End-to-end e-commerce

From strategy to optimization; we offer an end-to-end service for your webshop. After the launch of the webshop, we measure all visitor data to make targeted choices for further optimization. Based on this data, our marketers will implement optimizations aimed at increasing the eyes on the webshop and the conversions.

06 Product configurators

Let your visitors experience your product online with a product configurator. This technique offers you the opportunity to put together your product down to the smallest details. Think about the material, the shape, the color and all other specific features. 


07 Security & Privacy

Safety comes first,  your shop and the visitors. We include all security standards during development and ensure that your visitor’s privacy is guaranteed. Your shop and data are cyber-proofed with Firewall Protection.

08 Mobiele applicaties & PWA

Increasing customer expectations which you need to handle. A PWA is the mobile version of your website that “behaves” like an application. This gives your visitors an ultimate experience on mobile devices with better outcomes as a result. By extension, we also build full native and hybrid applications. You will be even closer to your target audience and increase the experience of your brand more!


Capitalize on online growth with digital innovation and a custom made webshop

The use of a custom made webshop has an important role in the growth of your organisation. A webshop in WooCommerce or Magento2 that perfectly matches the needs of your customers enables you to achieve that 


Through a well thought-out strategy in the field of digitalization and online innovation, you will not only create a better bond with your existing customers, but also new customers will be attracted to your webshop.


If you want to grow as a company, it is important to keep up with the times and focus on digitalization and innovation. Especially a custom made webshop can play an important role in this. A webshop that perfectly matches the needs of your customers and uses the latest technologies can ensure a substantial growth of your online business. With a well thought-out strategy in the area of digitalization and innovation, you can not only serve your current customers better, but also attract new customers and strengthen your competitive position.

Disclose Agency as an end-to-end partner for your e-commerce

Based on research, wishes and the target group, we determine a strategy, create the interface design and develop the perfect webshop for your customers. We take you through the development of your webshop and go through all the possibilities with you.


There are several roads that lead to Rome.

The choice for the platform on which we will build your e-commerce environment depends on a few number of factors. Think of the functionalities, how many articles you are going to offer and the way content is going to be. Most webshops, including ours, are developed in WooCommerce as an extension to a WordPress environment. After WooCommerce, Magento or a headless CMS follow as the most used platforms for a webshop. Wondering which platform best suits your plans? Feel free to schedule a call with us and we will help you get started!

Short answer: As much as possible.

Based on the strategy and functionalities within your webshop, we decide in advance, on the basis of your User Experience, which data we will measure. For example, we can look at customer loyalty, gamification and all the technical specifications of your webshop. These are the starting points for further improvements and optimizations to your webshop.


User-friendliness is key!

And we also know that “usability” is a very broad term. In the preliminary phase, we map out the search terms and set up the desired URL structure. To optimize your webshop, we want to know which search terms you want to be found on. During the development phase, we take into account the technology and loading speed, a crucial factor for Google. Over the years, Google has become increasingly smart and the search engine is starting to understand people’s search intentions better by the day. The better you match your offer and content to the search intention of your (potential) visitor, the better Google will value your webshop.

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