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What we do

We don’t look for opportunities, we create them. Where can we improve the customer journey? What are the creative solutions for this? What are the latest trends and developments?
We combine your knowledge of the market and the product with our knowledge of the online world, resulting in the success formula!

2023 | Disclosure Agency | Terms and Conditions

01 E-commerce

We design, develop and optimize webshops, which means we have the total solution in-house. We take into account scalability for the future and streamlined planning between the customer and our team!



02 Backoffice automations

We develop links between a PIM or ERP system and the webshop. This allows various steps to be automated, such as order processing and additional shipping processes. The result is that handling costs are reduced and it does wonders for your scalability.

03 Customer journey management

We want to know where the target group is, what exactly they are looking for and how we can respond to this. Thanks to our one-stop-shop concept, we can fully offer your target group what they are looking for, bind to your brand and ultimately increase customer value.

04 Digital marketing & Marketing automation

You want to be visible to your target group and of course make sure that you are remembered. Whether it’s about increasing your awareness or activating your brand, we’re here to help! Ready, set… 

About us

Pleasant, and welcome to Disclosure Agency. We are an ambition-driven agency where we work with an inexhaustible dose of energy on everything that moves in the digital world. This world is changing rapidly and we like to discover how we can apply the latest developments for the organizations we work for. We ensure that you are always one step ahead, standing still is not an option.


Goals are there to be spoken, so let’s do that. We want to let ambitious organizations experience our vision of all the possibilities of e-commerce. Worldwide. We do this with a small, experienced and specialized team, each with its own discipline. Our working method ensures that we switch quickly so that we are always prepared for the developments of tomorrow. 



  • Merge creativity and data

    Een gezonde dosis creativiteit met een gerichte aanpak vanuit verzamelde data; met een bewezen methode tillen we organisaties naar het volgende level.
  • Chase the dream

    Harde resultaten beginnen bij een goede relatie waar we maar al te graag in investeren. Je mag van ons een pro-actieve houding verwachten met betrokkenheid in jouw organisatie, creatieve oplossingen voor jouw vragen en volledige ontzorging.
  • Telling stories. Real stories.

    De kracht van je merk zit in de cultuur, je overtuiging en of je in staat bent om je doelgroep hiermee te bereiken. Wij ontdekken hoe je top-of-mind blijft met het unieke verhaal van je merk.

Niels Mollemans

Oprichter & Marketeer
Disclose Agency - Niels

Bart Vandeursen

Disclose team - Bart

Sam van Dommelen

Content creator
Disclose team - Sam

Céleste Hellendoorn

Content marketeer
Disclose team - Céleste


Ontdek de insights van projecten die we voor onze klanten hebben gerealiseerd. Wil je weten hoe welke strategie we kunnen ontwikkelen voor jouw organisatie?

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Ontdek de insights van projecten die we voor onze klanten hebben gerealiseerd. Wil je weten hoe welke strategie we kunnen ontwikkelen voor jouw organisatie?


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